Sprouts & Seedlings & Companion Planting

Seed Starting Update

A while ago, I showed you my sweet basil seedlings that I had started from seed.

Today they are flourishing!


sweet basil seedlings growing

Sweet Basil seedlings flourishing over a two-week span


In this post, I wanted to demonstrate the ease of seed starting. I sowed some heirloom purple opal basil and some plain ol’ chives, side-by-side. That previous post only addressed the purple opal basil, but I did sow some chives right next to that basil.

seed starting basil chives

Purple Opal Basil and Chives started side-by-side

Companion Seed-Starting

I am interested to see how these two plants do, started side-by-side. Companion planting is fascinating but also confusing (here is a decent guide to companion planting). I love the idea of creating plant communities that support one-another. I was unable to find information on whether you should plant basil and chives together, but I do know that both are compatible with tomatoes. So perhaps they are compatible with one another. Considering my lack of experience, this will be quite the experiment.

Has any one had experience with starting different seeds together? What about companion planting in general? Leave a comment if you have some advice.

Happy Gardening!


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