First Harvest

In a previous post I showed you my “Super Ninja Arugula”.


Super Ninja Arugula


Well, I have begun to harvest that arugula. 



Imperfect Produce

If you take a good look at the photo above you will see a little slug damage. That is the beauty of organic gardening- the imperfection. At the grocery store we expect perfect produce. No holes, perfect color, shiny plastic fruits and veggies. I am totally guilty of having that expectation. Yet we all know that the perfect produce found in our supermarkets is mostly a result of a combination of herbicides and pesticides. These chemicals keep away pests, ones just like my slugs, in order to give us this perfect produce.

I’m aware that I am probably preaching to the converted. I just think it’s worth reiterating- organic gardening has shown me that my expectations of food are all wrong. Turns out, my arugula tastes amazing! It has this peppery surge that is missing in most store-bought arugula.

Let Us Eat Arugula

So what to do with all this arugula? I have been harvesting it as it grows. I take as much as I need each time a recipe calls for it.  And, of course, we have been eating an awful lot of arugula salads lately. I’ve also put it in my sandwiches and burgers. Check this bad boy out:


fish burger arugula


Of course, the slug-damage went largely un-noticed whilst we enjoyed these burgers!

Happy Gardening!




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