Blueberry Rescue

Allow me to introduce to you my rescued blueberry plant

blueberry garden bush

A blueberry baby I saved from Grocery Outlet


I found him at my local Grocery Outlet- on sale and looking kind of pitiful. I thought I would take him home and give him the chance he deserved. And he has already started to grow beautifully. I have even seen a few blossoms!

I have been adding an acidic soil amendment- blueberries do like their soil acidic (we are talking around a 4-5 pH). I have planted him next to a cluster of perennials and am hoping that the plants will all get along- despite their differing opinions on ideal soil pH.

Has anyone had any success with blueberry plants? Any tips or advice that has worked for you?



3 thoughts on “Blueberry Rescue

  1. Good for you! I, too, at times, feel the need to rescue sad-looking plants. I have several blueberry plants, but I’m still learning myself. You have the right idea about their love of acidic soil. When I planted mine, I amended the soil with peat moss. So far they’ve been growing well. My only problem is the thieving birds! 🙂

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