The Beauty of Escaping to the Garden

Get me Out of my House

I feel a tide of responsibilities swelling. My to-do list is ever-growing.

My toddler is clinging to my leg. My washing is piling up. My husband is away on a business trip.

Let’s escape to the Garden!

creative play, backyard

Miss Toddler at play in our concrete backyard


Time Outside

One of the greatest blessings of my foray into gardening has been it’s effect on my baby girl. Any mom of young children will tell you that it is challenging to entertain those little boogers all day long. I never intended it, but my gardening has been an outlet for the both of us. We are forced outside, everyday, rain or shine, to tend to my  budding oasis.

Watering the Garden

In our garden, we don’t have irrigation so watering is an everyday chore. Most of the time I water with a hose and nozzle. But sometimes, when I’m feeling inspired, I use  a watering can. And Miss Toddler has her very own watering can. So, as I go about my watering, I have her fill her watering can and I assign her one, maybe two plants of her own to water. Off she goes- doing her very important yard work- spilling most of the water on our concrete. But that is the beauty of it. I secretly come in after her and make sure the plants that she missed get the water they need. In the mean time Miss Toddler is building confidence, independence, skills, strength, co-ordination and a sense of responsibility.

garden kids toddlers water

Miss Toddler’s Watering ‘Can’

My Beautiful Surprise

I was going about my usual garden chores. Miss Toddler was keeping herself busy with Easter decorations. And then I saw it. Miss Toddler’s empty watering can. And one watered tea tree plant. Perfect. No spills. Just a watered plant. I hadn’t even asked Miss Toddler to do any watering. She had taken it upon herself to do so. Yes, my garden is a blessing. An escape for me. But for my girl it is a magical place to blossom into a responsible and passionate young girl. And I am one proud mama.

tea tree garden children water

Miss Toddler successfully watered this beauty all by herself


8 thoughts on “The Beauty of Escaping to the Garden

    • Thanks- it’s precious watching her dig dirt and water plants and pick flowers. I’m so grateful for my time in the garden with her! The watering can came with a wheelbarrow and a trowel. She loves them

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