Compost Controversy

Composting is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your garden.


  • Creates organic matter for you to add to your soil
  • Gets rid of your kitchen craps and yard waste
  • Is a wonderful way to “go green”
  • Saves you money

If you haven’t yet jumped on the composting bandwagon, it’s time you do.

But how?

Cold composting. Hot composting. Worms. Tumblers. Heaps. Heck, you can even compost underground!

My advice is to experiment. Start simple, with cold composting, and work your way to the more complicated methods as you go. The good news is that, if you make a pile, your compost will already be slowly breaking down- even as you are learning what works for you.

If your interested in composting, take a look at this TedxTalk by Mike McGrath. This video puts an interesting spin on composting.

I’m not sure if I agree with everything he says (particularly the part about kitchen waste not decomposing), but I think he raises some very valid points. Plus he’s funny! What do you think? Is everything we know about composting really wrong? Feel free to leave a comment.


13 thoughts on “Compost Controversy

  1. Apart from the stuff that attracts rats (i.e., meat), I advocate using anything you can that will compost. For us, that includes a lot of cardboard and newspaper, especially from the rabbit cages.
    Why rabbits? Apart from being cute little pets, their litter greatly improves the composting itself.
    We’ve seen a lot of systems, and the most important commonality is “be patient.” After all, Compost Happens.

    • Hi Jnana
      How wonderful that you are able to include rabbits in your garden’s ecosystem. As renters we are not willing to make the commitment to chickens, though they would be fantastic contributors to my compost. As such, I am very interested in getting rabbits, as well as for the enjoyment for my little toddler.

      • Look to some of the dwarf varieties. Ours is all too cute.
        Chickens, by the way, have been under consideration here, even though we live in a city. After experiencing the two times that dogs raided a hen house where I was living (an event I describe in my novel “Hippie Drum”), I’m a bit leery. Still, my elder daughter keeps weighing in on the subject. And you can’t beat fresh free-pastured eggs.

  2. I’m always on at my partner to give me any shredded paper from his office – I’ve got plenty of green waste but it can get too wet without cardboard and paper. It’s tragic I know, but I love looking at compost!

    • Deb I am exactly the same! Sometime I worry I love composting more than I do actually gardening! We get the paper delivered to our house and shred that once we’re done with it. But there really is never enough!

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