Join me on a Journey

This winter I moved into a new house with my handsome husband and our little toddler. We moved into a charming cottage in Northern California but- it’s a rental! With no prior experience, I am setting out on a journey to turn my little (rented) garden lot into an organic cottage paradise. The challenges I face are numerous. How do you tell the difference between a seedling and ‘weedling’ in the vegetable patch? How do you make changes to a garden when you are a renter? How do I spend as little money on a garden that will only be mine for a brief period of time? How do I make my stupid tomato plants bear fruit?!

I will be trying my best to answer these questions, as well as so many more. So join me you brown thumbs and garden maverick wannabes, let us stumble through the freshly mulched soil together. And join me too, you green-thumbed gurus- please feel welcome to comment when I’m accidentally pruning my roses to death! Let us embark on this gardening journey together.



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